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How would you describe your business? Innovative? Fast-paced?

It's possibly a combination of both or even more. This is how we work and where we can use our extensive experience in Intellectual Property law and knowledge of science and technology to help your business prosper.

Top Tier Firm Expertise

Our team is highly qualified and well-trained from one of the top tier Intellectual Property legal firms in Malaysia. We have a wealth of experience and expertise in a wide array of Intellectual Property and technology laws.

Combination of Legal, Science, Technology & Commercial Expertise

Prosecution of Intellectual Property is more than just filing documents. A well-drafted patent or specification of goods/services for trademark is crucial to your business's identity and future.

Our firm is unique in providing strategic consultation in different professional orientations as our team consists of professionals from backgrounds spanning both legal and science-related fields which allows us to embrace and fathom the rapid development in numerous technology sectors.

Business Oriented

Our top priority is always to understand your commercial goals and help you maximize the success of your products, services and brands through the effective use of the Intellectual Property. In a commercial world, we don't believe in "one size fits all" and are willing to tailor our services to meet your particular needs and business requirements.

Global Network

We are globally connected with our foreign associates which allows us to provide comprehensive Intellectual Property legal services to our international and local clients.

Cost-Efficient & Competitive Fee

Our experience allows us to operate efficiently, providing you with cost-effective solutions best suited to meet your specific needs and circumstances. Importantly, we offer completely transparent fixed pricing – no surprise bills.

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