In each and every deal, we believe your ultimate goal is to maximise your investment and secure a triumphant return. Our focus is to provide professional legal advice and guidance in helping you to maximise the return on any potential Intellectual Property portfolio while minimising your business risks.

Before committing to any deal, you will also want to know whether the prospect’s business plans contain adequate Intellectual Property protection to support future growth. Without robust Intellectual Property management, even the most attractive investment opportunity can be rendered worthless. 

We have seen countless examples where Intellectual Property due diligence was not thoroughly conducted, leading to investors' costly mistakes. For instances, the inability to use a recognisable trademark in key geographical markets and/or ownership dispute in joint ventures for a prospect investment.

We will ensure you can make informed decisions based on our strategic evaluation and assessment of the intangible assets that exist alongside the potential pitfalls or opportunities. We also understand that your risk appetite may vary from deal to deal. We will work closely with you to identify every scope of due diligence you require and tailor our approach to your needs accordingly.  

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