IP Valuation

Making the most of intangible assets to create business advantage is a key driver for all businesses. Valuable Intellectual Property is often hidden, meaning that you might never realise its full value.

Compared to other tangible assets, the ratio of investment vs. value for intangible assets is minuscule. But we know that intangible assets are increasingly valuable in modern and digital businesses. Like any other assets, you can either sell an intangible asset, license it, or use it in your business. If you sell it, then you need to know the selling price. If you license it out, then you need to know the royalty payments. If you use it to protect against infringement, then you need to know the damages for compensation.

Our intellectual property valuation services enable you to make informed Intellectual Property monetisation decisions, figuring out what your intangible asset is worth. We will factor in the nature of your technology, review your current operations and provide you with advice on what Intellectual Property rights you currently hold and how you can unleash further business opportunities and market potential.


Our services include:
  • Valuing your Intellectual Property in transactions such as licensing, franchising, sale or purchase, and merger & acquisition
  • Valuing your Intellectual Property for raising funds through bank loans or venture capital
  • Ascertaining the amount of damages claimed for your Intellectual Property in a litigation case
  • Advising on the maintenance of your Intellectual Property considering the amount of investment has been incurred to such individual Intellectual Property

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