IP Transaction / License / Franchise

Intellectual Property may be subject to various corporate and commercial transactions. It can be transferred through succession to new legal entities, and it can also be restructured, sold or obtained in the course of mergers or acquisitions.

At CHP, we provide legal support to our clients throughout all corporate or commercial transactions related to Intellectual Property rights and render the necessary assistance for registering Intellectual Property transfers.

Our services include:
  • Participating in negotiations and discussing the terms of the deals concerning Intellectual Property rights
  • Verifying the legal status of any Intellectual Property that is the subject of corporate and commercial deals
  • Reviewing and preparing documents to record the transfers of Intellectual Property rights
  • Advising on the grant of security interests over the trademark (pledges)
  • Advising and drafting license agreement
  • Advising and drafting franchise agreement
  • Registration of franchise

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