IP Enforcement & Anti-Counterfeiting

Intellectual Property owners could be severely damaged in terms of financial as a result of trademark being used deceitfully, counterfeits being imported and distributed, industrial design and copyrighted work being copied, and other Intellectual Property infringements.

At CHP, we develop enforcement and anti-counterfeiting strategies which aligned with our clients’ Intellectual Property strategy. We work in close cooperation with authorities (including Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs) towards preventing infringing products and counterfeits from being distributed in Malaysia. We also work with professional investigators to support clients’ needs with high-quality investigation services.

Further, we are also active in enforcement regarding the distribution of counterfeits over the internet, which has become a fertile ground for such illicit activity.

Our services include:
  • Liaising with marketplace operator and issuing takedown notices against online infringers
  • Lodging complaints and liaising with authorities to conduct investigation/raid at the infringers' premises for counterfeits

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