IP Due Diligence / IP Audit

Merging, acquiring and selling businesses, raising private equity, establishing joint ventures, reorganising and restructuring companies, all require complete and accurate information on the financial situation and asset portfolios — of which intangible assets will form a substantial or even dominant part. All these transactions require a detailed legal analysis of the Intellectual Property involved to determine the effectiveness of the acquisition or sale of a business.

Besides, our commercially-focused Intellectual Property due diligence reports are tailored to your business and your budgetary concerns. We will provide you with our professional advice as to the types of Intellectual Property protection relevant to your business’ needs now and in the future. We will also recommend approaches you can take to secure and strengthen your Intellectual Property rights.

Meanwhile, we will also review your relationship with business partner(s), making sure there is no confusion over the ownership of any Intellectual Property rights. Doing this early on in your business relationship can avoid potential pitfalls – saving time and costs.

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