Internet & E-Commerce

With the pace at which our digital world continues to grow and transform, online businesses are among the most attractive monetary investments today, be they in the form of the marketplace and/or trading platforms. We assist local and foreign companies in resolving any legal issues related to setting up and running online and e-commerce businesses.

Whether drafting internet contracts, court disputes involving the cyberspace law, or supporting investment in internet businesses, we leverage our expertise and experience in the matters of privacy protection, consumer rights and the use of Intellectual Property on the internet.

At CHP, we speak your language and provide high-quality and timely support in all corners of the world through our global network and international cooperation with our foreign associates.

Our services include:
  • Advising on consumer rights in e-commerce disputes
  • Advising on the protection of Intellectual Property rights in e-commerce
  • Advising and drafting terms of use/service (users and merchants)
  • Advising and drafting privacy notice
  • Advising and drafting cookie policy
  • Advising and drafting software development agreement
  • Advising and drafting website development agreement
  • Advising and drafting online marketing agreement

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