Data Protection & Cybersecurity

The protection of data information — from personal data to trade secret, is increasingly vital to a business's operations and risk management. We specialise in developing practical and proportionate personal data compliance programs for businesses, both large and small.

Our team has regularly advised our clients on regulatory requirements under Malaysian Personal Data Protection Act 2010 ("PDPA 2010") including but not limited to the processing of employee and customer data, cross-border transfers and disclosure of such data, consent of data subjects and records retention, network security, foreign disclosure obligations, and other data privacy compliance.

We also frequently provide in-house training so that businesses feel confident about complying with their legal obligations under Malaysian PDPA 2010.

Apart from protecting personal sensitive data, in today's interconnected world, virtually all businesses, their suppliers and their customers are potential targets for cyber-attacks when confidential information and/or other Intellectual Property become targets of exploitation and intrusion.

At CHP, we understand the risks associated with such cybercrimes, and we can provide a robust cybersecurity program to manage your valuable information or private data and other intangible assets.

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