Copyright is an Intellectual Property right that generally applies to items such as books, newspapers, sales brochures, promotional material, music, software programs, written publications, business letters, and any original works that require original literary or artistic effort. Business’s income generated from hit records, popular books, computer games, and software are all protected by copyright law.

As a rule of thumb, in dealing with copyright it is wise for you to deal with the issue of ownership upfront, if possible before any work is created, and have contracts in place with your business partner(s) concerning the ownership and use of the copyright in advance, before any significant investment is made.

At CHP, we can advise you on the subsistence of copyright, keeping records as evidence of copyright ownership, transfers of ownership, licensing of copyright and any other dealings in copyright.

For more information on copyright law, please refer to our Copyright FAQs.

Our services include:
  • General advice regarding lodgement of copyright voluntary notification
  • Drafting Statutory Declaration in support of voluntary notification
  • Filing copyright voluntary notification in Malaysia
  • Facilitating registration of copyright in other jurisdictions
  • Negotiating and drafting license and/or assignment agreement
  • Advising on infringement of copyright
  • Advising on enforcement of copyright
  • Conducting copyright due diligence and portfolio management
  • Copyright valuation

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